The Ghosts of Raynham Hall

by S G Taylor


The first novel in

The Watchers of Time



What if it was possible for an evil force to change the past and reshape the present? What if four children accidentally stumble through time to stop it being changed for the worst? What if this wasn’t an accident, but their destiny?

Eleven-year-old Andrew lives an ordinary life with his brother, Christian and their Grandpa George in Oyster Bay, New York. Andrew’s world as he knows it starts to unravel when he hears about a sighting of a mysterious ghost boy. Determined to find the ghost boy, Andrew, Christian and their cousins, Alysse and Jacklyn, visit what they believe is a haunted house in Oyster Bay called Raynham Hall. Not only do they meet the ghost boy, they also discover a doorway into the past.

Andrew and his friends travel back in time to 1780 Oyster Bay. Together they are chased by evil ghostly Specters, meet members of the Culper Spy Ring, solve the riddles of the "Trial" and struggle to help General George Washington win the War of Independence.

The Ghosts of Raynham Hall is a thrilling adventure story that explores how the past has shaped our present world and how the small actions of people today can change the future for others.

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Founded in 1653, Oyster Bay has a rich history. It was an important location during the War of Independence when it was home to Colonel Simcoe and over 300 British Troops.


After the War, the town grew in population and gave rise to one of it's most famous sons, President Theodore Roosevelt. 


The town has featured in Billy Joel and Cole Porter songs as well as numerous TV shows and films.


And during the summer, there's no other place I'd rather be. 

the Author

I have always loved books. Who doesn't?

And I have always wanted to write a book. Let's just say it's been on the old bucket list for a long time.

It would have stayed that way had I not moved to Oyster Bay, married a wonderful woman and had two charming boys who have inspired me in so many ways. And let's not forget the trip to Raynham Hall we all took in 2015 that introduced me to the world of the Culper Spy Ring. That trip sparked an interest in Long Island history and the War of Independence that has yet to burn out or fade away!

As an Englishman who moved to America over a decade ago, I have always had a fascination for my adopted country's history. I hope by writing this book, I get to share that interest with many others and have some fun along the way.


It's so easy to drive past this unassuming house built in 1740. But you shouldn't. Instead you should take a few moments to have a look inside and consider what secrets the house could tell you.


There's a legend that Sarah (Sally) Townsend haunts the old house. One day, I hope to meet her.


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