Is Raynham Hall Haunted?

In my new novel, The Ghosts of Raynham Hall, the old saltbox style house could be haunted but in real life I'm not so sure.

When you walk into Raynham Hall you certainly get overwhelmed by the history. It hits you like a wet fish. There in the middle of Oyster Bay is this old house built in 1740 (26 years before the 13 British colonies of America became an independent country called The United States of America) and you think - really? This house is here? It's real? Who would have guessed?

The outside world has a habit of disappearing when you are inside Raynham Hall. Suddenly you are plunged into history. The floor boards creak. Things smell musty. The rooms are small and filled with artifacts from the Colonial period. And there isn't a TV or Playstation in sight! You can't help but feel the presence of the past but that's not quite a ghost.

They say the ghost of Sarah (Sally) Townsend can be heard now and again from one of the upstairs rooms. Sally, it is said, had a bit of a crush on British Colonel Simcoe who occupied the house during the War of Independence. Colonel Simcoe, in return is said to have given Sally one of the first Valentine Cards in American history. Sally never married. Perhaps she never got over Colonel Simcoe. I don't think anyone will know for sure, but if anyone haunts Raynham Hall, it is Sarah Townsend, sad at the loss of her one true love!

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